Thirteen-year-old Jonah has always known he was adopted, and he's never thought it was a big deal. Then he and a new friend, Chip, who's also adopted, began recieving mysterious letters. The first one says, "You are one of the missing." The second one says, "Beware! They're coming back to get you."

Jonah, Chip, and Jonah's sister, Katherine, are plunged into a mystery that involves the FBI, a vast smuggling operation, an airplane that appeared out of nowhere -- and people who seem to appear and disappear at will. The kids discover they are caught in a battle between two opposing forces that want very different things for Jonah and Chip's lives.

Do Jonah and Chip have any choice in the matter? And what should they choose when both alternatives are horrifying?


Jonah and Chip barely have time to adjust to the knowledge that they are missing children from history when Chip and another boy, Alex, are hurtled back to their rightful time period. Desperate not to lose their friends, Jonah and Katherine grab on for the ride. When they arrive in London in 1483, Chip and Alex finally learn their true identities: the missing princes from the Tower of London! JB promises that if the kids can set history right, they can return home to their present-day lives. But how is that possible if, in original time, Chip and Alex were supposed to die?


The book starts where the last left off. Jonah, Katherine, and Andrea going to the time period when Andrea was kidnapped. She is Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in the ill-fated Roanoke Colony. During their time journey, the Elucidator is lost, and the children arrive not certain as to where or when they are. Jonah pieces together that Andrea deliberately lost the Elucidator, and she admits she was following the directive of a mystery man (known as Second Chance) who promised that she could stop her 21st-century parents from dying in a car crash if she did what he said. Unsure of what they've been sent back to do, the children decide to try to find the inhabitants of the colony. Along the way they save the life of Andrea's 16th-century grandfather, and she feels more and more that she is supposed to stay with him. They also must help Brenden and Antonio, who make wonderful art in the future of the 1600s. But then again, who is Second, and can he really be trusted?