Jonah and Katherine have just come back from their adventures in the 15th century with their friends Chip and Alex. Now, they set out to help Andrea, who is really Virginia Dare from the Roanoke colony. After attending a slideshow (with REALLY cool robot-chairs that move with you), Jonah, Katherine, and Andrea set out for the 1600s with an unusual companion- a dog.Unfortunately, as Andrea holds the Elucidator, it flies out of her grasp and into the whirl of space-time redound them. As the Elucidator is gone, the three teens set out somewhere around where the Roanoke colony was, but they are not sure where they actually are. There are many, many tracers, and the presence of which annoys Jonah greatly, as he feels like they are taunting him.

The kids find, along the way of their travels, a melon with some pellets inside, a man who almost drowned that they saved, and some notes from a weird guy named Second Chance. They also have an odd incident where, as they are using a canoe they found to get to Croaton island, 2 boys named Anthony and Brenton appear, seemingly falling out of the sky. They are also from modern times, as Jonah could tell by their clothes. They then connected with their tracers, revealing that their historical counterparts were 2 native american people.

After finally arriving at Croaton, the 5 kids brought the man they had saved back into health, and they also found some paint left by the mysterious Second. Andrea, after wandering into the woods, found and merged with her tracer. She was found by Jonah and Katherine burying people who had died. Then, the man they had saved came up to her, and apparently he is Virginia's grandfather.

After that, Second shows up. He claims to be trying to make history "better" by changing the past. Second is the name Sam Chase gave himself. He is also J.B.'s projectionist. He sent the dog along so that he could use it to bring the kids to Virginia's grandfather. He was the one who brought Anthony and Brenton, and he did it by using something called a time smack. Then, J.B. appears, and he has also apparently used a time smack to get to the 1600s. He fires Second, freezes time, and explains the problems of needlessly changing history. Then everyone returns.

I haven't read the book in some time, so forgive me if some facts are missing ore incorrect. I forgot to mention that Jonah develops feelings for Andrea, and left out many details. Feel free to edit the page and add detail. Just, no fake facts please.